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Note: For proper adhesion, the contact surface for each graphic must be smooth if not the application of additional adhesive may be required. 

  • Newly painted surfaces must be allowed to dry prior to graphic application. Clean the surface even if it appears clean, THIS STEP IS CRITICAL.
  • Use a gentle solvent such as denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol. test the solvent in a small and inconspicuous area for damage to the surface.
  • Clean off all oil, grease, dirt, polish, and stains. Ensure that the surface is at room temperature, 60° to 90° F (16° to 32° C). This helps the graphic to conform to the surface shape.
  • If necessary graphics can be gently molded around rivets and screw heads by using a hairdryer to further warm and soften the placard.
  • Caution: Anyone handling the graphics should thoroughly wash and dry their hands. Even hands that look clean may contain natural skin oils and/or other contaminants that could affect the graphic’s bond.

Safe-Fill™ Graphics Application Instructions:

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Remove the protective backing from the graphic.
  • Apply the graphic on the target surface into its proper position.
  • Carefully press out the air trapped under the graphic with the transfer film and your finger or a roller, or a squeegee. If you use a squeegee, use a very light touch or put wax paper or backing paper (slick surface toward graphic) over the graphic. (Caution: Pressing hard with the squeegee can cause the graphic to catch, move, bunch or stretch.)
  • Be sure to hold the graphic in place while removing the backing. If the graphic has adhered to the surface and air bubbles cannot be moved, then they can be removed with a pinprick. Prick the edge of the bubble and press toward the pinhole.
If you do not see the size or style you need contact us. We can reproduce your boat's original decals with Safe-Fill™ Custom Graphics and more.
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